Hyper-V Server Virtualization Training Institutes in India

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Master Hyper-V services to make infrastructure scalable, reliable, and accessible.

Leverage Hyper-V managed services to enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an organization

Access to Hyper-V labs from any location, any time.

IIHT’s Hyper-V course in the Cloud Stack program, available for both enterprises and individuals, is designed to make course participants thorough with the important concepts, best practices and trends involved while working with Hyper-V architecture. Students will have the opportunity to access to Cloud labs where they can practice what they learn, exposing them to scenarios they would encounter while working in the industry. Having worked closely with over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies with respect to technical training, and also developing its own cloud products, IIHT has immense experience in Cloud technologies, and we ensure that students are competent enough to crack Hyper-V certifications.

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s contribution to Cloud computing and virtualization. It provides an end-to-end complete functionality for any enterprise level virtualization product. Hyper-V gives the basic functionality for the creation of virtual layer over any physical layer of the host server machines and allows guest operating systems to be installed and managed via an integrated management console. Ever since Hyper-V debuted, it has transformed into a Windows Server feature that can be installed when a server administrator decides to do so. It is available as a product called Microsoft Hyper-V server.

Why are enterprises adopting Hyper-V?

Hyper-V offers several features that are very attractive, especially for small enterprises or even large ones to adopt. Here is an overview of why enterprises are adopting Hyper-V:

  • All Hyper-V virtual machines include basic parts of any physical computer like storage, memory, processor and networking. All of these parts have options and features that one can configure in different ways so as to meet different needs. Networking and storage are both considered categories of their own as one can configure them in many ways.
  • Hyper-V creates copies of the failed virtual machines in different physical location to restore virtual machines, allowing users to make application-consistent backups for all programs that support VSS.
  • It is easy to move and distribute virtual machines with features like storage migration, live migration and import/export.
  • Every support guest operating system has a customized group of drivers and services called the integration services which make it quite easy for the use of operating system in a Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • Shielded virtual machines and secure boot help with protection against malware and unauthorized access.
  • Hyper-V has a Virtual Machine Connection which is a remote connection tool that uses both Linux as well as Windows
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What is a Microsoft Hyper-V Server?

Hyper-V is a virtualization offering from Microsoft that debuted in 2008. There are four versions so far – Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 and a shortened and standalone version of Windows Server is the Microsoft Hyper-V Server that cuts out all the fringe that is irrelevant to services, UI interface and virtualization in order to make the server as compact as possible. Because of its low profile, the server needs less maintenance time and is way less vulnerable.

How does Hyper-V work?

The Hyper-V isolates portions of physical machines to child partitions and allocates them to various guest operating systems. It does this having Windows Server 2008 as its primary host. Hyper-V assigns required software and hardware resources for each guest Operating System that is hosted on it. This so, since they have no direct access to the computer hardware resources and depend on Hyper-V.

How big is the demand for a Hyper-V trained professional?

Hyper-V has recently been gaining market share from VMware, and many third-party consultants have also confirms the increase in the use of Hyper-V. It has been listed amongst the most sought-after skills in the year 2018! IT professionals with skills in cloud computing – specifically in the Software as a Service technologies are in high demand. When learnt with DevOps, the chances of landing a top job with a high paying salary only increase.

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What do you get from IIHT’s blended learning module?

The unique one-of-its kind blended learning module has the following features:

  • Personalized learner homepage: There is a provision for students to use personalized dashboards that students can customize, view the status of the course material. Students can also compare their performances with their classmates’.
  • Catalog for recommended courses: View course catalog and sort levels.
  • Powerful search: Global search the entire Learning Management System of IIHT whenever you need.
  • Course Details: Learners get to view the details of the course like deadlines and upcoming project.
  • Prework: PDFs and documents to help you prepare for upcoming courses.
  • Core Content: Virtual classrooms, activities and assessments
  • Cloud Labs: Easy access to labs anytime, integrated within the Learning Management System.
  • Download Reference Materials: Learners can download reference materials from resources section any time
  • Fluidic Player: Learn at your own pace.
  • Allows students to take notes for revision
  • Gamification: Students can compete with one another to do better!
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  • Hyper-V deployment
  • Learn System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
  • Understanding SMB
  • Working with Windows Server Converged Networking
  • Using Hyper-V services in a way to make the organization’s infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available.
  • Leverage Hyper-V managed services to enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an infrastructure
  • Make a Hyper-V based infrastructure more efficient in order to increase performance and reduce costs.

Hyper-V is the key to the Microsoft Cloud Operating System that contains Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Azure Pack that allows enterprises and hosting providers to give their own Windows Azure instances.
At IIHT Cloud Stack’s Hyper-V course, course participants are trained to handle all of this and more! IIHT is the first Institute in India to offer Cloud training for both enterprises and individuals. The courses are good enough for all Hyper-V certifications. Having worked closely with over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies with respect to technical training, and also developing its own cloud products, IIHT has immense experience in Cloud technologies.

Job roles for AWS trained professionals include:

  • Cloud Architect – Hyper-V
  • Escalation Support Engineer – Hyper-V
  • Server Engineer – Hyper-V

Since Hyper-V eliminates the need to implement physical servers, it gives companies the ease to get new virtual systems without having to buy any extra hardware. With everyone jumping on the cloud bandwagon, plenty of organizations will start using Hyper-V. Almost everyone with a network infrastructure or a server infrastructure is a potential Hyper-V user, and with this comes a steep rise in the demand for trained Hyper-V professionals!

The basic prerequisites for the course are:

  • Working knowledge of distributed systems
  • Familiarity with general networking concepts
  • Working knowledge of multi-tier architectures
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts