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IIHT’s VMware course in the Cloud Stack program aims to prepare students thoroughly in all important concepts, best practices for working with VMware architecture, along with hands-on training in the latest trends of Cloud computing. IIHT’s VMware course is designed to train provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install, deploy, manage and support VMware’s products and solutions. Students will also be given access to live VMware labs where you can practice all that you have learnt under the mentorship of industry experts.

Virtualization has a plethora of purposes, right from virtualization of servers to play a crucial role in Cloud computing. A lot of businesses have benefited from the implementation of VMware and the employment of trained VMware professionals.

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Course Content

Blended – Virtualization with Course Outline

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Why are enterprises adopting VMware?

VMWare is known to give peace of mind to companies. How? Virtualization is extremely beneficial to businesses for many reasons:

  • It is economical to have many virtualized machines that reside in one physical machine than having to purchase many machines
  • Money and time can be saved with the decrease of requirement for server rooms.
  • Organizations can save money on upgrades and maintenance, and replacements of machine components. They will only have to take care of a single physical server or workstation.
  • When they have lesser hardware, they have lesser software that needs upgradation.

How big is the demand for a VMware trained professional?

Demand for IT professionals with virtualization skills is at a fever-pitch, and will continue to escalate as increasing numbers of organizations take advantage of the increased efficiency, availability and cost savings afforded by migrating IT resources to virtual environments. VMware is the industry pioneer and leading provider of virtualization products and solutions to businesses and institutions worldwide.

IIHT’s VMware course is designed to train a participant with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install, deploy, manage and support VMware’s products and solutions. Our Industry oriented VMware course focuses on the key virtualization area: Datacenter Virtualization making vmware learning’s foundation strong.

Why VMware at IIHT?

  • IIHT is the Leader when it comes to courses on virtualization.
  • IIHT was the first Institute to offer VMWare training with Cloud Lab provisioning for the participants.
  • A 40 Hours comprehensive Instructor Led Training can be matched by none. IIHT’s vmware virtual labs helps students get hands on experience.
  • Best Hands-on sessions and Assignments. The course prepares you well for certifications like vcp certification
  • Availability of Reference Materials for all vmware training courses
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What is a Cloud lab?

IIHT’s Cloud labs are browser accessed and all students are given access to the actual VMware platform. This way students get hands-on training in real life environment making them job ready. Students can access IIHT’s Learning Management System Cloud labs from any location at any given point of time making it the perfect practice field! The blended learning method adopted by IIHT is easily the most powerful of learning tools. Labs are integrated on the Learners dashboard itself under Job aids. Learners have hassle-free experience not having to move to any other window.

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What do you get from IIHT’s blended learning module?

The unique one-of-its kind blended learning module has the following features:

  • Personalized learner homepage: There is a provision for students to use personalized dashboards that students can customize, view status of course material. Students can also compare their performances to their classmates.
  • Catalog for recommended courses: View course catalog and sort levels.
  • Course Details: Learners get to view the details of the course like deadlines and other details.
  • Prework: PDFs and documents to help you prepare for coming courses.
  • Core Content: Virtual Classrooms, activities and assessments
  • Cloud Labs: Easy access to labs anytime, integrated within the Learning Management System.
  • Download Reference Materials: Learners can download reference materials from resources section any time
  • Fluidic Player: Set your speed and add notes.
  • Note-taking for revision: Allows students to take notes
  • Gamification: Students can compete with one another to do better!
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VMware Training Course from IIHT


Any Participant will learn to:

  • Describe the software-defined data center
  • Explain the vSphere components and their function in the infrastructure
  • Deploy an ESXi host
  • Deploy VMware vCenter® Server Appliance™
  • Use a local content library as an ISO store and deploy a virtual machine
  • Describe vCenter Server architecture
  • Use vCenter Server to manage an ESXi host
  • Configure and manage vSphere infrastructure with VMware Host Client™ and VMware vSphere® Web Client
  • Describe virtual networks with vSphere standard switches
  • Configure standard switch policies
  • Use vCenter Server to manage various types of host storage: VMware vSphere® VMFS, NFS, iSCSI, and RDM
  • Examine the features and functions of Fibre Channel and VMware vSAN™
  • Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
  • Create, clone, and deploy a vApp
  • Describe and use the content library
  • Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion®
  • Use VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® to migrate virtual machine storage
  • Monitor resource usage and manage resource pools
  • Use esxtop to identify and solve performance issues
  • Discuss the VMware vSphere® High Availability cluster architecture
  • Configure vSphere HA
  • Manage vSphere HA and VMware vSphere® Fault Tolerance
  • Use VMware vSphere® Replication™ and VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ to replicate virtual machines and perform data recovery
  • Use VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ clusters to improve host scalability
  • Use VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to apply patches and perform basic troubleshooting of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and vCenter Server operations


This course requires the following prerequisites:

  • System administration knowledge/experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems

Job Roles

  • System Administrator / VMware Specialist ( Systems Engineer.
  • Virtualization Systems Engineer, Junior
  • VMware Solutions Engineer
  • Systems Engineer – Virtualization
  • Senior Advisory Delivery Specialist – VMware
  • Platform Architect – Vmware

Virtualization software makes hardware a commodity and today software is taking the data center from something unique into a commodity that can be exchanged between the cloud and on premise. While keeping up with a challenge, virtualization jobs can be extremely rewarding if one can have the right skills. VMware skills has been featured in several lists of industry research reports and job listings analytics reports pointing out that VMware is a much in demand skill and is here to stay. Professionals with virtualization skills are specifically in demand if they have experience in migrating from traditional to virtual networks. The future sure looks bright for the skilled, especially if they have had hands-on training.

The VMware course designed at IIHT is specifically tailored to give you hands on experience in the most demanded technology. Yes, the course is tailor made to suit industry demands, naturally making a candidate who has successfully completed the course and has required educational standing a demanded professional.

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