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IIHT – India’s first Cloud Computing Training Institute

Cloud Courses


The most comprehensive hands-on AWS Course in India

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Learn Microsoft Azure – The cloud service where companies can get 99.99% uptime!

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Master VMware, the world leader in virtualizing computing!

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Master OpenStack from the pioneers in Cloud Computing

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Gain expertise in virtualization with Hyper-V

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IIHT’s Cloud Computing engineering curriculum covers a vast array of subjects in the field and imparts comprehensive training and hands-on experience to aspiring candidates. The training is imparted to help candidates understand cloud computing environments and platforms and learn skills like Server Visualisation with HyperV, Server Virtualisation with VMware, XenServer 6.2, XenApp 6.5, XenDesktop 7.6, Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud – 20247, Opensource OpenStack Cloud platform, Amazon Web Services – EC2, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Network Monitoring and Nagios. Learn Cloud Computing from the pioneers in Cloud Training. IIHT offers training on many Cloud Technologies which are designed specifically to engage and skill the learner. The Cloud Computing Training offered at IIHT is not just like any other Online Cloud Computing Course.

Cloud Computing has been just as revolutionary as the internet. Computing resources and data storage has never been more available, both to enterprises as well as to the general public. Enterprises have always been looking for easy and connected ways of keeping themselves and their businesses together so they can access just about anything while on the go. This is what has given birth to a grand new era of connectivity with the onset of Cloud computing that can touch distinct domains. Banking, Education, Governance, Corporate – nothing is left untouched from the impact of cloud computing. The complex nature though of its innovation requires highly trained individuals who can set up and ensure continued service.


For the fast changing technological landscape of the Indian and global IT industry Cloud computing offers a golden opportunity to enterprises to leverage their businesses. However, the industry’s warm welcome to the technology is likely to have a serious fall out for India’s nearly 2.8 million IT professionals. The message is loud and clear – bridge the skill gap and learn Cloud computing or be ready for a tough time ahead.

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How big is the demand for Cloud Computing?

As an increasing number of businesses jump the Cloud bandwagon, the demand for skilled workforce in the Cloud computing technology is set to go up manifold in the days to come. Why are the enterprises rushing for the cloud? One simple answer to this could be it: enables seamless management of data from any device with an internet connection. This also implies that an enterprise can store data and applications remotely to access the files through internet from anywhere in the world.

What does a Cloud Job Market look like?

  • The Wall Street Journal predicts that Cloud computing will create 14 million jobs across the world.
  •  International Data Corporation (IDC) says that Cloud computing will create 14 million jobs world wide
  •  Microsoft : Cloud Computing to create 2 million jobs in India in the year 2017-18 alone
  •  AWS: job postings show 1500% increase since 2011
  • Lack of Skills: 25% of the global IT talent to become redundant in 3-5 years, meaning that there is a dire need for reskilling!
  • High demand and low supply lands to high opportunity across industry due to high digitization or digital transformation
  • It is predicted that by the year 2018, a minimum of 30% of service companies will move major portions of their ERPs to the cloud
  • Indian Domestic IT Market is set to touch $14 billion by the year 2020

These facts clearly state that cloud is here for good and is no doubt going to be the future! Fielded as one of the top job profiles, it’s certainly one of the best job generators!The more the cloud-use, the more are the chances of job creation. Trained Cloud computing professionals can land jobs in various positions and with higher pay-package. Some of the job roles that the industry is ready to offer to trained professionals are:

  • Hyper-V Administrator
  • Data Centre Administrator
  • Hybrid Cloud Architect
  • Openstack Architect
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Office 365 Admin
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Get your head in the Clouds!

Why Cloud at IIHT?

IIHT’s Cloud Stack is designed with Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Open Source Cloud and Cloud Monitoring Courses which offers an end to end learning of the Cloud Eco System for any Participant. Participants can pick and choose Course Modules from the entire offering as per their requirement and bundle.

  • IIHT’s Cloud Stack is designed to cover 9 International Certification Tracks out of which 7 are amongst the 15 Top Paying Certifications World – wide.
  • Provision of Cloud Labs from IIHT’s Data Centre. Participants will have the flexibility to use browser based Labs without bothering about any investment on Infrastructure at their end.
  • Offering Office 365. Communication & Collaboration has become an integral part of IT services and support. Industry is demanding Communication and Collaboration as an added skill set along with other core technology skills.

The unique Cloud Course offers the 3 most industry demanded options: VMware, Azure and AWS. The courses are industry specific and tailor made to make you a success!

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